I strongly believe that a story, be it good or bad, is best told in pictures and the viewer cannot resist to get involved in story a well told, the same way he cannot resist the rhythm of a song

One of the earliest memories I have is associated with music. My early childhood had The Beatles, Queen and all sorts of baroque music as a soundtrack. That soundtrack grew heavier and darker through my teens and it was no wonder that I wanted to play drums along James Hetfield’s riffs or Jason Newsted’s growling backvocals. The air drums were replaced by a real set and I was on my way to become the rock star I dreamt of… Well, sometimes things just do not work out the way you planned, so I started studying photography. I did not understand how you study something like pushing a button and who the hell would do that for a living. It was a great surprise, when I realised how much time effort and most of all heart it took to make a great photograph. What amazed me the most were the bridges that connect photography and music, so I set of to see for myself how many can be crossed.
For the past 10 years I have been doing my best to capture that and share with the world the everyday stories around me.
Having the opportunity to work for some of the biggest media in Bulgaria I got to know the dedication and responsibility the job requires.
I consider the these as my most important qualities.
I feel most comfortable out there on the pitch or in the arena, but I do not limit myself to just sports photography. Beautiful light, good composition and most importantly emotion, are the things I always strive to deliver in my portraits, wedding shoots, documentary work etc.
I’m always open for collaborations and would be happy to hear from you in order to discuss your idea.